Summer 2015

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Summer 2015 Course List

AAD 252 Art & Gender***                                                            Voelker-Morris, Julie
This course explores issues associated with art, gender, and society by considering how gender is relevant to the creation, study, and appreciation of art and culture; introducing and addressing socio-cultural factors influencing roles of women and men in the arts, culture, and society; discussing gender as a vehicle for understanding artistic creation and select artistic mediums–including the visual arts, comics, theatre, film, music, architecture, and media/advertising–in community and cultural contexts; examining underlying social structures that affect how art and artists have been defined; and, asking students to identify and articulate personal critical perspectives regarding issues of art and gender.
Two sections one section is ***On-line course

COLT 370 Comparative Comics: “Drawing Childhood”                  Tougas, Ramona
This course examines representations of childhood and family in illustrated children’s books, graphic memoir, and other forms of comics.