Science/Comics Fellowship

We are thrilled to celebrate the Science/Comics Fellowship recipients: Spring 2020–Mary Hubbert and Audra McNamee; Fall 2020–Chloe DaMommio and Rose Gibian; Winter 2021– Page Biersdorff and Isabel Lopez; and Spring 2021–Jessica Bolden and Meghan Chrissakis. Mary worked with professor Tien-Tien Yu, and Audra worked with professor Luca Mazzucato. Chloe worked with professor Jayson Paulose, and Rose worked with professor Tim Cohen. Page worked with professor Laura Jeanty, and Isabel worked with professor Scott Fisher. Jessica worked with Pragalv Karki, and Meghan worked with professor Ben Farr. Their incredible work is shown below:

Spring 2020:

“Getting to Know Dark Matter” by Mary Hubbert and Tien-Tien Yu


“A Trip into Serotonin” by Audra McNamee and Luca Mazzucato

Fall 2020:

How to Build a Universe” by Rose Gibian and Tim Cohen


Let the Genes Fall Where They May” by Chloe DaMommio and Jayson Paulose

Chloe DaMommio timelapse video of their work with Prof. Paulose:

Chloe DaMommio Time Lapse Video

Winter 2021:

Symmetry in Physicsby Page Biersdorff and Dr. Laura Jeanty

From Space to Earth and Back Again by Isabel Lopez and Dr. Scott Fisher

Spring 2021:

Metamaterials: Bending Realityby Jessica Bolden and Pragalv Karki

Mysteries of Space by Meghan Chrissakis and Dr. Ben Farr