Rose City Comic Con 2019

The Comics and Cartoon Studies Minor at the University of Oregon will be participating in Portland’s Rose City Comic Con September 13 – 15. Program director Professor Ben Saunders will be representing the minor alongside other current and previous professors, students, and alumni associated with the program and the university’s comics publication, Art Ducko.

If you’re feeling so inclined, you should stop by the University of Oregon’s booth located on the exhibit map at table 603. At the time of writing, we should be across from the Dark Horse table at the edge of Artist Alley by the entrance across from Lobbies B and C. The Duck will also, reportedly (allegedly), be in attendance.

Though we currently do not have programming information for the panels featuring our associated faculty and alumni, keep a weather eye out for panels with Professors Ben Saunders, Tara Fickle, Mat Johnson, Kate Kelp-Stebbins, Elizabeth Wheeler, as well as Dr. Andréa Gilroy and Turner Lobey. Information will presumably be on the programming page as the convention draws nearer.

In addition to supporting panels featuring our current faculty or alumni, check program listings for panels and tables including the following comics creators planning to attend this year’s event: Neal Adams, Marguerite Bennett, Mark Brooks, Amy Chu, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Aaron Duran, David Finch, Andy Fish, Veronica Fish, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Matt Fraction, Jocelyn Gageway, Adi Granov, Cully Hamner, Kyle Higgins, Jody Houser, Klaus Janson, Dave Johnson, Adam Kubert, Hyungsung “Creees” Lee, Mindy Lee, Matthew Loux, Ibrahim Moustafa, Cary Nord, Steve Orlando, Dan Panosian, Drew Rausch, Matthew Rosenberg, Greg Rucka, Dana Simpson, Josh Trujillo, James Tynion IV, and Joshua Williamson. All links will direct you to their Rose City profile. Though this list includes many highly-acclaimed creators and artists, we encourage potential attendees to also explore the work of unfamiliar names on this list in the lead-up to the event.